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Bible Studies

Please note that other Bible Studies will be starting again after the summer! Keep checking our website!

The Brown Bag Bible studies are presented by Rev. Donn Woolweber on our Facebook page and are designed for people who are on the go and for people who are at home.

It is a brief 30-minute Bible study which brings the wonderful truths of God from His Holy Word into the lives of all who participate. The studies are focused on everyone’s daily lives and circumstances providing us with what our Lord God in heaven teaches us about engaging in them. These Bible studies are found to be very practical and helpful and I pray a blessing to you all!

When: Every Wednesday at 12:00 noon beginning: August 15, 2023 on our Facebook Page linked below!

The Bible on the deck series is presented during the summer months before September. They are held at different congregants homes where we enjoy a Bible study and fellowship together. These Bible studies take place on Fridays every other week from June through August and provide a focused study on the word of God as it pertains to the needs and interests of our congregates.

Rev. Donn Woolweber teaches the studies and they have been known to provide a very concrete and practical perspective that our Lord has created to bless our lives as we navigate our journey here on Earth.

And remember all are welcome! Our next Bible on the deck study will take place on Friday August 11th 2023 at 7:00 PM at the following address: 3672 Saxonburg Blvd. Pittsburgh PA 15238.